DJ Karl Evans

Growing up in a small resort town in France and confronted with the boredom that comes with it, Karl Evans found music production and DJing at an early age.

At the age eighteen, Karl found himself performing in Clubs, Bars when House music kicked in the resort in the late 90’s.

Few years later Karl opened up to new horizon and decided to move to Dublin in Ireland.

After the success of his first track “Blue Cave” released in the Tsugi Sampler 26 (Jan 2010) and thanks to Tsugi Magazine,
Karl started his own productions and distribute himself via “Believe Digital”.

In 2011 Karl Evans & Nigel Linden founded “Jampot Collective”
Jampot is live musicians Keyboard (Nigel Linden) Sax (Chris Engel) playing alongside Karl Evans on the Decks.

In 2013 Karl joined the Radio Play FM Dublin and started his own radio show Deep’N’Sweet!